Sus·tain·able - of, relating to, or being
a method of harvesting or using a resource
so that the resource is not depleted
or permanently damaged.
~Merriam Webster's dictionary

Sustainability is providing for the needs of the present in a way that does not adversely affect the future's ability to provide for those needs when their time comes. It is about taking responsibility for the future that we leave our children.

~ Northern Development

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Renewable Energy

A Fuhrländer 250 kW wind turbine was installed and commissioned by Lorax Energy Systems, LLC at HARBEC The wind turbine, which will generate about 450,000 kilowatt hours annually or about a third of the power used by the facility, has blades which are 98 feet in diameter and turn gracefully atop a 130 feet high tapered tubular tower. Power generated by the wind turbine will save the facility about $50,000 a year on its energy bills and as energy costs continue to rise, so will this yearly savings amount. The wind turbine, which was manufactured in Germany and erected by a Rhode Island based renewable energy solutions company, will provide the manufacturing facility with stable energy costs for decades to come.

HARBEC is known for its efforts to incorporate environmental responsibility into their manufacturing company philosophy. In addition to the wind turbine, the facility utilizes twenty-five clean burning, natural gas powered microturbines to produce up to 750 kilowatts of power along with all the HVAC requirements for the factory through co-generation.

The wind turbine and tower took the Lorax Energy Systems construction crew about a week to assemble and erect with the help of two Fuhrländer factory technicians and a number of HARBEC employees.

In 2012 a Gamesa 850kW turbine was installed. The addition of this wind turbine has helped HARBEC achive it's mission to have a zero carbon footprint.

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